Data-Driven Healthcare: How Analytics and BI are Transforming the Industry


For the Skimmers



Chapter 1 What Does Data Mean to You?

• The Gap

• Data Is a Four-Letter Word

• Strengths

• Weaknesses

• Opportunities

• Threats

• Setting the Stage

• Is This Book for You?

• References


Chapter 2 What Happens When You Use Data to Transform an Industry?

• The History of Change

• On the Brink

• What Is "Data Driven" and Why Does It Matter?

• Management and Measurement

• Planning the Approach


• Reduce the Unknowns

• Identify the Alternatives

• Streamline the Standards

• Evaluate the Activities

• Change Mechanisms of RISE

• Revolution

• References


Chapter 3 How the Lack of Data Standardization Impedes Data-Driven Healthcare

• Healthcare Data Complexity

• Moving Data

• Data Is Your Asset--Manage It That Way

• Standards . . . Because Everyone Else Has Them

• Pareto's Principle

• The Great Wall of Data

• References

• Note


Chapter 4 Adopting Your Data Warehouse for the Next Step in BI Maturity

• Go Boldly

• Disruptive Technologies

• Hadoop, the Cloud and Modern Data Platforms

• The New Way Forward

• Reduce the Unknowns

• Identify the Alternatives

• Standardize

• Evaluate and Improve

• The Future is Now


Chapter 5 Creating a Data-Driven Healthcare Organization

• IT or the Business?

• Training

• What and How Should We Teach?

• Governing Data for Our New MDP


Chapter 6 Applying "Big Data" to Change Healthcare

• The Call of Big Data

• Evolve or Die

• Let's Organize This and Take All the Fun Out of It

• Dipping Your Big Toe into Big Data

• References


Chapter 7 Making Data Consumable

• How We Present Information Matters

• When We Present the Information Matters, Too

• Why Do We Want to Visually Represent Our Data?

• Learning a New Language

• A Multimedia Approach to Consumable Data

• References


Chapter 8 Data Privacy and Confidentiality: A Brave New World

• Who Owns the Data?

• Barriers Are Everywhere

• Process and Technology

• Reference


Chapter 9 A Call to Action

• Applying RISE to Your Efforts

• Some Distinctions about Being New

• Getting Started

• You Know What They Say about Assuming

• What Does Data Mean to You?

• Transforming an Industry

• Data Standardization

• The Next Step in BI Maturity

• Creating the DDHO

• "Big Data"

• Make Your Data Consumable

• Privacy and Confidentiality

• Final Thoughts on Data-Driven Healthcare


Appendix A Readiness for Change

Appendix B Tenets of Healthcare BI

Appendix C Estimating the Efforts

Appendix D Business Metrics

Appendix E Agenda | Company Name | JAD Session

Appendix F Data Visualization Guide



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