Financial Management, 2ed

Paresh Shah

ISBN: 9788177229028

1208 pages

INR 799


This 2nd edition contains cases in the form of Conceptual Cases and Business Application Cases developed for select chapters. Numbers of Illustrations (solved examples) are increased in most of the chapters & new problems (unsolved exercises) are also added. It contains four new chapters 'Valuation of Securities', 'Risk and Return', 'Corporate Risk Management' and 'Options'. In the last chapter, 'Cases in Financial Management', comprehensive cases have been introduced. Out of these, three cases along with illustrated case analysis are given. Additionally, ten unsolved comprehensive cases are given. The book has self-evaluation exercises that have been appended at the end of each chapter.


Part 1. Fundamental Concepts of Financial Management

1. Introduction to Financial Management

2. Financial System

3. Time Value of Money

4. Valuation of Securities

5. Risk and Return

6. Financial Planning

Part 2. Long term investment decisions

7. Capital Budgeting

8. Risk in Investment Decisions

9. Cost of Capital

Part 3. Working capital management

10. Working Capital Management

11. Receivables Management

12. Cash Management

13. Inventory Management

Part 4. Financing and dividend decisions

14. Sources of Finance

15. Leverages

16. Capitalization

17. Capital Structure

18. Approaches of Capital Structure

19. Management of Profit

20. Dividend Policy

Part 5. Financial analysis, planning and forecasting

21. Analysis of Financial Statements

22. Funds Flow and Cash Flow Statements

23. Budgets and Budgetary Control System

Part 6. Special topics in Financial management

24. International Business Finance

25. Corporate Risk Management

26. Options

27. Contemporary Issues

28. Cases on Financial Management


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