It's Okay to Manage Your Boss

Bruce Tulgan

ISBN: 9788126529551

208 pages

Exclusively distributed by Times Group Books 


In this follow-up to the bestselling It's Okay to Be the Boss, Bruce Tulgan shows that the number one factor in employee productivity, work-quality, morale and retention is the relationship between employees and their immediate managers. Unfortunately, he argues, we have been focusing so much on the skills and habits of the managers, that we have neglected the role of the employee in these relationships.



· Refuse to be undermanaged.

· The first person you have to manage every day is yourself.

· Get in the habit of managing your boss every day.

· Take it one boss at a time, one day at a time.

· Get clear expectations from your boss every step of the way.

· Get your hands on the resources you need to succeed.

· Track your performance every step of the way.

· Go the extra mile to earn credit and more rewards.

· Dealing with the most common jerk boss scenario.

· Start managing your boss today.


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