Business Plans for Dummies, 2ed

Paul Tiffany, Steven D. Peterson

ISBN: 9788126515448

380 pages

Exclusively distributed by UBS Publishers Distributors 


This down-to-earth book guides you through every milestone in business planning, including creating a right-on mission statement; pinpointing the needs of your customers; scoping out the competition; simplifying all the financial stuff; staying on top of trends and fostering a winning atmosphere for your staff. There is new information on clarifying company values, identifying customers and market opportunities, technological trends, and global opportunities and deals with the incorporation of social responsibility issues in planning, in light of recent corporate scandals engulfing business.



Part I Knowing Where You Want To Go

· Preparing to Do a Business Plan

· Understanding the Importance of a Business Plan

· Setting Off in the Right Direction

· Charting the Proper Course

Part II Describing Your Marketplace

· Examining the Business Environment

· Slicing and Dicing Markets

· Getting Better Acquainted With Customers

· Checking Out Your Competition

Part III Weighing Your Company’s Prospects

· Assessing Where You Stand Today

· Making Money Doing What You Do Best

· Figuring Out the Financial Details

· Forecasting and Budgeting

Part IV Looking To The Future

· Managing Uncertainty

· Thinking Strategically

· Growing Up and Growing Bigger

Part V Putting Your Business Plan Into Action

· Shaping Your Organization

· Leading the Way

Part VI The Part Of Tens

· Ten Signs That Your Business Plan Needs Refreshing

· Ten Questions to Ask about Your Plan

· Ten Business-Planning Never-Evers

Appendix A Sample Business Plan



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