The Fearless Traveller

Monica Mahajan

ISBN: 9789391029982

400 pages

INR 795


This book fulfils A to Z of your travel needs for a journey, exploring all the diversity that the World offers, with a motto that a fearless traveller is a wellinformed and a well-prepared traveller. The Fearless Traveller is a tribute to this unquenchable human thirst for travel. It prepares you to travel whether it is taking the pre-travel vaccines or packing a first-aid kit. It spells out the do's and don'ts while you trek, scuba, ride or skydive.


  1. Rise of the Phoenix


The Meticulous Planner

  1. The Quintessential Traveller and Health


Braving The Elements

  1. The Scorching Sun
  2. Frozen
  3. The Rollercoaster Ride
  4. Travel Blues
  5. Delhi Belly


Bugs Bug

  1. Beware! Bad Bugs and Beasts
  2. The Covid-19 Saga


The Mountains Beckon

  1. Mountaineering: Gearing Up
  2. Altitude Sickness


Vitamin Sea

  1. Scuba: The Basics
  2. The Risks of Scuba
  3. Tentacles and Jaws
  4. Water, Water Everywhere


The Road Less Travelled

  1. A Mile Long Bikeit List
  2. The Wanderlust
  3. Trails, Tails and Tales


Soaring In The Skies

  1. Spread Your Wings


The Intrepid Traveller

  1. The Expectant Mom on the Move
  2. The Young Globetrotters
  3. Those Golden Years
  4. Where There is a Wheel, There is a Way
  5. The Immunity Challenge
  6. The Diary of a Pilgrim
  7. Haj and Umrah
  8. In Quest of Knowledge
  9. The Road to Recovery
  10. S.O.S.


Medical Manjhi: The Mountain Man




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