Business Analysis for Dummies


Part I: Getting Started with Business Analysis  

• Business Analysis in a Nutshell

• Breaking Down the Different Levels of Business Analysis

• Identifying and Working with Stakeholders


Part II: The BA Toolkit: Tools, Terms, and Techniques  

• Talking about Tools of the Trade

• Understanding What Requirements Truly Entail

• Hunting for the Right Information, Part 1: The Process

• Hunting for the Right Information, Part 2: The Techniques

• Uncovering and Analyzing Needs


Part III: Selling the Plan and Keeping It on Track  

• Making the (Business) Case

• Creating and Maintaining Scope

• Creating Your Work Plan


Part IV: Achieving Goals with Business Analysis  

• Defining Solutions, Part 1: Taking a Closer Look at Your Requirements

• Defining Solutions, Part 2: Choosing the Right Analysis Technique

• Verifying and Validating Solutions

• Transition: Moving from Planning to Implementing


Part V: The Part of Tens  

• Ten Ways to Keep Your Business Analysis Skills Sharp

• Ten Ways to Prepare Yourself for a New Project

• Ten Experts Chime In





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