Programming Microsoft Visual C++, 5ed

David K. Kruglinski, Scot Wingo, George Shepherd

ISBN: 9789350041062

1184 pages

INR 699


The industry Bible. Programming Microsoft Visual C++, Fifth edition, is the newest edition of the book that has become the industry's most trusted text (previously published as Inside Visual C++). Newly expanded and updated for Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, it offers even more of the detailed, comprehensive coverage that's consistently made this book the best overall explanation of the capabilities of this powerful and complex development tool. The companion CD-ROM contains valuable sample source code and sample applications developed for the book - to make Programming Microsoft Visual C++, Fifth Edition, one book you'll want to keep close at hand.



Windows, Visual C++, and Application Framework Fundamentals

· Microsoft Windows and Visual C++

· The Microsoft Foundation Class Library Application Framework

The MFC Library View Class

· Getting Started with AppWizard - "Hello, world!"

· Basic Event Handling, Mapping Modes, and a Scrolling View

· The Graphics Device Interface, Colors, and Fonts

· The Modal Dialog and Windows Common Controls

· The Modeless Dialog and Windows Common Dialogs

· Using ActiveX Controls

· Internet Explorer 4 Common Controls

· Win32 Memory Management

· Bitmaps

· Windows Message Processing and Multithreaded Programming

The Document-View Architecture

· Menus, Keyboard Accelerators, the Rich Edit Control, and Property Sheets

· Toolbars and Status Bars

· A Reusable Frame Window Base Class

· Separating the Document from Its View

· Reading and Writing Documents - SDI Applications

· Reading and Writing Documents - MDI Applications

· Printing and Print Preview

· Splitter Windows and Multiple Views

· Context-Sensitive Help

· Dynamic Link Libraries

· MFC Programs Without Document or View Classes

Active X: Com, Automation, and Ole

· The Component Object Model

· Automation

· Uniform Data Transfer - Clipboard Transfer and OLE Drag and Drop

· Structured Storage

· OLE Embedded Components and Containers

· Introducing the Active Template Library

· ATL and ActiveX Controls849Pt. VDatabase Management

· Database Management with Microsoft ODBC

· Database Management with Microsoft Data Access Objects

· The OLE DB Templates

Programming for the Internet

· TCP/IP, Winsock, and WinInet

· Programming the Microsoft Internet Information Server

· ActiveX Document Servers and the Internet

· Introducing Dynamic HTML

· Visual C++ for Windows

App. A Message Map Functions in the Microsoft Foundation Class Library

App. B MFC Library Runtime Class Identification and Dynamic Object Creation


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