C: Concepts & Programming

Mamta Bhusry

ISBN: 9789389307979

526 pages

INR 525


C: Concepts & Programming provides an up-to-date, comprehensive and class-tested content on the C Programming Language preceded by a crisp account of computer fundamentals. The book focuses on the organization and sequence of concepts so that the readers gradually proceed from the basic grammar of the C language and eventually attain a level where they can independently and confidently design and write C programs. The book follows the ANSI C programming standard published by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Standards Organization (ISO). The program illustrations are based on the Turbo C/C++ compiler.


  1. Introduction to Computers
  2. Overview of C Language
  3. Constants, Variables, Data Types, Statements and Expressions in C
  4. Operators and Expressions
  5. Data Input and Output
  6. Selection and Looping Constructs
  7. Arrays
  8. Character Arrays and Strings
  9. User-Defined Functions
  10. Pointers
  11. Structures and Unions
  12. File Management in C
  13. The C Preprocessor

Appendix A: ASCII Values of Characters

Appendix B: Operator Summary

Appendix C: Library Functions

Appendix D: Number Systems

Appendix E: Escape Sequences

Appendix F: Data Types and Data Conversion Rules

Appendix G: Commonly used Scanf and printf Conversion Characters

Appendix H: Control Statement Summary  



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