Principles and Practices of Air Pollution Control and Analysis

J.R. Mudakavi

ISBN: 9789389307740

INR 525


Principles and Practices of Air Pollution Control and Analysis is a ready reference book for scientists and technologists. The subject matter has been presented in five sections and 25 chapters. First section introduces the reader to air pollution and the second section deals with the current air pollution control technologies. The third section is informative in character and presents environmental issues related to air pollution such as acid rain, global climatic change, CFCs, ozone layer etc. The fourth section presents management aspects of air pollution and the final section has been dedicated to instrumentation and chemical analysis.

Part I: Introduction To Air Pollution

  1. Air pollution: A global phenomenon
  2. Gaseous pollutants in the Air
  3. Physico-Chemical Properties of Gases and Solutions
  4. Metrological Aspects of Air Pollution
  5. Characteristics of Stack Plumes


Part II: Control Technology

  1. Sampling and Measurement of Air Pollution
  2. Particulate Control Technologies
  3. Absorption of Gaseous Emission
  4. Adsorption of Gaseous Pollutants
  5. Air Pollution Control by Combustion
  6. Control of Sulphur Dioxide Emissions
  7. Emissions Control of Nitrogen Oxides
  8. Control of Organic Emissions


Part III: Current Topics

  1. Indoor Air Pollution
  2. Automobile Emission Control
  3. Global Climate Change
  4. Ozone and Chlorofluorocarbons in the Stratosphere
  5. Acid Rain
  6. Noise Pollution


Part IV: Air Pollution Management

  1. Magnitude and Effects of Air pollution
  2. Air Pollution in India and the World
  3. Air Quality: Emission Standards, Legislation and Administration
  4. Air Pollution Indices and Surveys


Part V: Analytical Aspects

  1. Techniques for the Analysis of Air Pollutants
  2. Chemical Analysis of Selected Air Pollutants
  3. Appendices
  4. Notations