Behaviour-Based Safety in Organizations 2ed: Saving Life before the Accident

H.L. Kaila

ISBN: 9789389583700

INR 435


This book has been authored by Dr. H. L. Kaila, who is a Professor of Psychology at University in Mumbai. He is an Industrial Psychologist and is a regular BBS Trainer in India. Dr. Kaila has vast professional experience and has to his credit several projects with ICSSR, UGC, NSC, WHO, etc. He has conducted more than 300 BBS workshops covering over 12000 work-forces for leading companies in India. He is sincerely committed to the improvement of safety and health standards, professional knowledge and promotion of safety awareness among the working people, and self-compliance by managements and all others concerned

  • BBS Concepts
  • BBS Processes
  • BBS Implementation
  • Organizational Cases on Behavior Based Safety (BBS) in India
  • 101 Varied Reflections on Behavioral Safety
  • BBS Implementation in a large engineering company   
  • Emerging Issues and Outcomes of Behavior Based Safety Implementation
  • Has Industry Really Prepared For Zero Accident? A Review
  • Towards Maintaining Successful BBS Program
  • Re-contextualizing Safety Culture through Behaviour Based Safety in Industry  
  • BBS Implementation at an Indian Multinational Organization
  • संगठनों में व्यवहार आधारित संरक्षा (BBS in Hindi, Tamil, Gujrati languages)