Plant Biotechnology: Practical Manual

C.C. Giri, Archana Giri

ISBN: 9789389583274

INR 295


Plant Biotechnology: Practical Manual covers most of the important areas of present-day plant biotechnology, beginning from plant tissue culture media preparation to transgenic plant production and related molecular biology protocols. It is meant for both students who are being introduced to plant biotechnology and those wanting to do advance research in this field. It would also be helpful for teachers in formulating their own practical protocols using different model plant systems. This book includes the principles, theoretical background and the basis for each protocol supported by the authors’ own research findings.

  • Introduction to Plant Tissue Culture
  • Plant Regeneration via Organogenesis and Somatic Embryogenesis
  • Protoplast Isolation, Culture and Fusion
  • Encapsulation Techniques for Artificial Seeds (Synseeds)
  • Anther Culture and Production of Haploids
  • Production of Secondary Metabolites Using Cell Suspension Culture, Immobilized Cell Systems and Precursor Feeding Methods
  • Induction of Transformed Hairy Roots using Wild Strains of Agrobacterium rhizogenes, and Production of Secondary Metabolites
  • Induction of Transformed Shooty Teratomas Using Specialized Strains of Agrobacterium turnefaciens and Production of Secondary Metabolites
  • Agrobacterium Mediated Genetic Transformation
  • Anatomical and Histological Techniques for Plant Tissue Cultured in vitro
  • Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopic Techniques for in vitro Cultured Plant Tissue
  • Chromosomal Analysis of in vitro Cultured Tissue and Regenerated Plants
  • Techniques for Isolation and Estimation of DNA and RNA
  • Safety Practices and Essentials in the Laboratory.



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