HR Analytics: Connecting Data and Theory

Rama Shankar Yadav, Sunil Maheshwari

ISBN: 9789390421558

INR 799


HR Analytics: Connecting Data and Theory will help readers hone their HR skills and develop as an effective manager. It lays significant emphasis on the importance of analytics in HRM discipline through its classic blend of theory and application approach. This book serves as a guide for budding HR managers to garner competitive advantage in their functioning and organization at large. The discussion begins from the evolution of HRM as a discipline, shifts from traditional HRM to strategic HRM, and eventually focuses on HR analytics concepts, applications, and its utility for HR and business at large.

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About the Authors


Chapter 1 Introduction to HR Analytics

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Traditional HRM

1.3 Changing Trends in HRM and Emergence of Strategic HRM

1.4 HR Analytics Phase (2010 Onward)


Chapter 2 Understanding HR Analytics

2.1 Introduction

2.2 How to Conduct a Purposeful Workforce Analytics

2.3 Key Influencers in the HR Analytics Process

2.4 Model for Adoption of HR Analytics

2.5 Application and Status of HR Analytics


Chapter 3 HR Analytics Tools and Techniques

3.1 Importance of Data

3.2 Types of Data

3.3 Data-Capturing Methods

3.4 Data Examination and Purification

3.5 Data Analyzing Techniques


Chapter 4 Usage of HR Analytics

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Recruitment and Selection

4.3 Training and Development

4.4 Performance Appraisal (PA)

4.5 Talent Management

4.6 Employee Engagement

4.7 Compensation Management

4.8 Expatriate Management

Chapter 5 Case Studies on HR Analytics

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Case Study on Recruitment Analytics

5.3 Case Study on Selection Analytics

5.4 Analytics in Training and Development

5.5 Case Study on Analytics in Talent Management

5.6 Case Study on Analytics in Compensation Management

5.7 Analytics in Employee Engagement

5.8 Analytics in International HRM


Chapter 6 Building an HR Analytics Culture

6.1 Current Status of HR Analytics in Organizations

6.2 HR Analytics as a Change-Management Process

6.3 Establishing a Culture of HR Analytics. Build versus Buy Approach


Chapter 7 Future of HR Analytics

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Factors Determining Adoption of HR Analytics

7.3 HR Analytics Adoption: Responsibility of HR Department

7.4 HR Analytics and Job Market


Practical Approach to HR Analytics

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