A Visual Guide to Fiber - Reinforced Composites in Dentistry

Dr. Mahesh Chauhan

ISBN: 9789354247910

240 pages

INR 1559


This book makes learning about FRCs very simple with a wide array of clinical case examples and preceded by a theoretical understanding of the periodontal disease and the science of dental materials used for FRC restorations. The first section of this book describes periodontal infections and tooth mobility, then lesions of endodontic origin. Afterward, the rationale of splinting mobile teeth concerning trauma from occlusion and how to assess tooth mobility is discussed.



Note by the Author





  1. Periodontal Infections
  2. Lesions of Endodontic Origin
  3. Trauma from Occlusion and Rationale of Splinting
  4. Assessing tooth Mobility and the Rationale of Splinting


  1. Fiber Reinforced Composite Material Properties
  2. Tooth Bonding Resins & Resin Fiber Interface
  3. Preparing the Enamel and Dentine for Bonding
  4. Bonding Agents according to Generations and Method of Attachment
  5. Tooth Stabilization by Splinting
  6. Application of FRC in Fixed Denture Prosthesis




  1. Periodontal Splinting
  • Periodontal Splinting for Mandibular Incisors with F Splint Aid Slim (11 Photos)
  • Periodontal Splinting of Mandibular Incisors with Diastema Closure and Composite Colours (10 Photos)
  • Poorly Done Splinting Example (2 Photos)
  1. Fiber Reinforced Composite Natural Tooth Pontic
  • Traumatic Injury to 41 and Re-attachment of Crown by FRC-NTP 10-Year Follow-Up (25 Photos)
  • Tooth 12 NTP with Palatal FRC 12-Year Follow-Up (17 Photos)
  • Z- FRC frame with NTP and chair-side composite crown 10-Year Follow-Up (12 Photos)
  • Cantilevered Chairside 21 Composite Pontic with FRC on 22 Seven-Year Follow-Up (25 Photos)
  • Tooth 41 FRC NTP with Putty Index Adapter and F Splint Aid (20 Photos)
  • Maxillary NTP Tooth 11 with Fiber Splint ML and Pink Composite Gingiva (11 Photos)
  • Pink Gingival Mask for Double NTP FRC 10-Year Follow Up (9 Photos)
  • Tooth 21 Entire Coronal Portion Reattached with Fiber Post and Fiber Splint (10 Photos)
  1. Fiber Reinforced Composite Natural Tooth Pontic
  • Maxillary Central Incisor Denture Tooth Pontic with Fiber Splint MultiLayer (23 Photos)
  • Custom Adapter for Maxillary Denture Tooth Pontic (DTP) (12 Photos)
  • Mandibular DTP with Labial Wire Holder (8 Photos)
  • Quick Steps DTP and Composite Case I (5 Photos)
  • Quick Steps DTP and Composite Case II (3 Photos)
  • PFM Resin Retained Maryland Bridge (5 Photos)
  1. Incisal Edge Repair
  • Maxillary Central Incisor Fragment re-attachment with Fiber Splint Case I (15 Photos)
  • Maxillary Central Incisor Fragment re-attachment with Fiber Splint Case II (14 Photos)
  • Tooth 21 Fiber Splint Composite Edge Repair (11 Photos)
  • Tooth 11 Fiber Splint Composite Edge Repair (10 Photos)
  • Maxillary Centrals Fragment Re-attachment without FRC (8 Photos)
  • A 14-Year Follow-Up of FRC attached Fragments which Received Crowns Later (25 Photos)
  1. FRC Repair Maintenance and Follow Up
  • Fiber Splint Holds on Reinforcement and Repair of FRC (5 Photos)
  • Management of Perio-endo lesion in FRC Treated Teeth by Root Resection (15 Photos)
  • Management of Gingival Inflammation underneath FRC NTP (7 Photos)



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