Enzymes in Food Processing: Fundamentals and Potential Applications

Parmjit S. Panesar, Satwinder S. Marwaha, Harish Kumar

ISBN: 9789390455980

384 pages

INR 1495


This book reflects an in depth study of high academic standards dealing in a coherent and lucid way the most comprehensive and advances in application of enzymes in food processing. This indispensable treatise is the product of combined efforts of leading experts of excellent academic credentials in the area of food technology and biotechnology. This unique volume gives a holistic view about the interventions of enzymes in food processing, i.e. The present volume is an excellent resource of information especially for food scientists/technologists, biotechnologists, biochemical engineers, biochemists, organic chemists, graduate and research students.


  • Fundamentals of Enzymes
  • Enzymes in Milk and Cheese Industries
  • Enzymes in Baking Industry
  • Enzymes in Fruit Juices and Beverages Industry
  • Enzymes in Meat Industry
  • Enzymes in Sugar Industries
  • Enzymes in Fat, Oil, Flavor and Fragrance Industries
  • Immobilized Enzymes in Food Processing
  • Enzymes as Analytical Tools in Food Processing
  • Novel Strategies for Designing Food Enzymes : Genomics and Proteomics Approach
  • Index



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