Nitrate In Leafy Vegetables: Toxicity and Safety Measures

Shahid Umar, Naser A. Anjum, Nafees A. Khan

ISBN: 9789390455997

222 pages

INR 1595


The present book represents the first comprehensive compilation of the latest science of the dietary nitrate sources, potential human health effects and sustainable remedial strategies. This book provides practical, data-driven resources based upon the totality of the evidence to help the reader understand the basics, treatments, and preventive strategies that are involved in the understanding all about nitrate in plants and humans.

  • Contribution of Leafy Vegetables to Dietary Nitrate Intake and Regulations
  • Nitrate and Edible Plants in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey: An Overview
  • Pathophysiology of Nitrate Toxicity in Human and its Mitigation Measures
  • Nitrate Content in the Edible Parts of Vegetables: Origin, Safety, Toxicity Limits and the Prevalence of Cancer in Iran
  • Studying Nitrate Accumulation in Spinach and Cabbage Under Organic Conditions
  • Use of Organic Fertilizers for Crop Nutrition: Impact on Environmental and Threats to Human Health
  • Nitrate Management Approaches in Leafy Vegetables
  • Crop, Soil, and Nitrogen Fertilization Management Strategies to Reduce Nitrate Accumulation in Plants
  • Index



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