Mind Mapping for Dummies

Florian Rustler, Tony Buzan

ISBN: 9788126541331

260 pages

Exclusively distributed by Penguin Books 

INR 499


Unlock your brain's potential using mind mapping. Mind Mapping for Dummies explains how mind mapping works, why it is so successful and the many ways in which it can be used. It takes readers through the wide range of approaches to mind mapping, looks at the available mind mapping software options and investigates advanced mind mapping techniques for a range of purposes, including exam revision, improving memory, project management and maximizing creativity. All the mind maps in the book are presented in full color.


Part I: Mind Mapping: The Swiss Army Knife for the Brain

• Chapter 1: Introducing Mind Mapping

• Chapter 2: Visualizing Information

• Chapter 3: Generating Mind Maps

• Chapter 4: Why Mind Mapping Works


Part II: Traditional Mind Mapping in Practice

• Chapter 5: Preparing Talks and Lectures using Mind Maps

• Chapter 6: Handling Text with Mind Mapping

• Chapter 7: Note-Taking in Talks, Lectures and Meetings


Part III: Mind Mapping Software

• Chapter 8: Software versus Traditional Mind Mapping

• Chapter 9: Taking a Tour of Mind-Mapping Software

• Chapter 10: Introducing Mindjet Mind Manager

• Chapter 11: Exploring Think Buzan's iMindMap


Part IV: Advanced Strategies for Mind Mapping

• Chapter 12: Mind Mapping Reading Techniques

• Chapter 13: Learning and Preparing for Exams with Mind Mapping

• Chapter 14: Project Management with Mind Mapping

• Chapter 15: Knowledge Management with Mind Mapping

• Chapter 16: Mind Mapping for Creativity


Part V: The Part of Tens

• Chapter 17: Ten Tips for Working Efficiently with Mind Mapping

• Chapter 18: Ten Tips on How to Make Mind Mapping your Everyday Working Tool