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Fluid Power: Generation, Transmission and Control

Jagadeesha T., Thammaiah Gowda

ISBN: 9788126539543

616 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 729


Fluid Power - Generation, Transmission and Control provides an integrated treatment of hydraulic systems for courses in undergraduate and postgraduate level. The stress is on interdisciplinary nature of subject, and examples have been drawn from various engineering disciplines to illustrate the basic concepts. A strong emphasis has been laid on theory and mathematical treatment of practical systems. Accompanied by more than 500 drawings, the book offers fundamental dynamics and control studies under various conditions.


· Introduction to Fluid Power

· Properties of Fluid

· Fluids for Hydraulic Systems

· Governing Principles and Laws

· Distribution of Fluid Power

· Energy Losses in Hydraulic Systems

· Hydraulic Pumps

· Hydraulic Actuators

· Hydraulic Motors

· Hydrostatic Transmissions

· Directional Control Valves

· Pressure-Control Valves

· Flow-Control Valves

· Hydraulic Circuit Design and Analysis

· Flow and Force Analysis of Valves

· Dynamic Analyses of Fluid Systems

· Proportional Control Valves

· Servo Valves

· Accumulators

· Accessories Used in Fluid Power Systems

· Maintenance of Fluid Power Systems