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Inorganic Biochemistry: An Introduction, 2ed

J.A. Cowan

ISBN: 9788126539017

454 pages

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INR 5995


The text provides a set of problems covering mechanistic, structural and spectroscopic issues in inorganic chemistry. Specific areas to be covered include coordination chemistry, physiochemical aspects of solution chemistry, inorganic chemistry of biological systems (both natural biomolecules and bioinorganic models). Illustrative worked examples have been included. The problems are categorized by topic chapters for ease of reference and use in courses. They provide a valuable resource for instructors, providing a means of testing and developing the many principles covered in texts and advanced courses. Often students find it difficult to find practical problems to test the principles they have learned in class. This text provides a series of questions to test understanding and worked examples as a pedagogical aid.Fundamentals of Inorganic Biochemistry.

·    Fundamentals of Inorganic Biochemistry.
·    Experimental Methods.
·    Transport and Storage.
·    Metalloproteins and Metalloenzymes: (I) Oxygen Carriers and Hydrolases.
·    Metalloproteins and Metalloenzymes: (II) Redox Chemistry.
·    Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals.
·    Metals in the Regulation of Biochemical Events.
·    Cell Toxicity and Chemotherapeutics.
·    Metal Complexes as Probes of Structure and Reactivity.
·    Case Studies.
·    Appendices.
·    Index.