Lean Six Sigma For Leaders: A practical guide for leaders to transform the way they run their organization

Martin Brenig-Jones, Jo Dowdall

ISBN: 9788126576524

320 pages

Exclusively distributed by Penguin Books


INR 499


This book distils experience from working with hundreds of different organisations in a practical, jargon-free way which busy managers will understand and find helpful when considering how to set up a continuous improvement approach in their organisations. Unlike most books on Lean Six Sigma, this guide doesn't go into complex details of the wide variety Lean Six Sigma tools, but focuses on the role of the manager in creating the right environment to ensure success. The initial chapters describe the basic principles and important aspects of Lean Six Sigma from a managers' perspective based on the author's extensive experience of working at all levels in organisations of different sizes and in different sectors. The second part of the book is a series of case studies from real organisations who have implemented Lean Six Sigma.





Part I Using Lean Six Sigma to Solve Business Problems

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Business Problem Solving

Chapter 3 Measure for Leaders

Chapter 4 Analyse for Leaders

Chapter 5 Improve for Leaders

Chapter 6 Control for Leaders


Part II Using Lean Six Sigma Principles

Chapter 7 Leading a Process Based Organisation

Chapter 8 Delivering Everyday Operational Excellence

Chapter 9 Winning Hearts and Minds

Chapter 10 Integrating with Agile

Chapter 11 Turning Strategy into Action

Chapter 12 Creating a System for Innovation and Design

Chapter 13 Lean Six Sigma and Agile Digital Transformation


Part III Involving Everyone in Lean Six Sigma

Chapter 14 Learning and Development -- The HR Perspective

Chapter 15 The Employee's Perspective

Chapter 16 The Manager's Perspective

Chapter 17 The Practitioner's Perspective


Part IV Stories and Case Studies from Leaders

Kevin Barrett, SVP, European Manufacturing, CooperVision

Leading Change at Ricoh UK Limited -- Mike Baddeley

Personal Leadership Perspective -- Derek Kennedy, Forensic Science, Northern Ireland

Personal Leadership Perspective Mini Case Study -- Sky UK and Aegon

Personal Leadership Perspective Mini Case Study -- Barclays

Personal Leadership Perspective Mini Case Study -- The UK Government, Central Government Department

Personal Leadership Perspective Mini Case Study -- UK Government, Homes and Communities Agency

Personal Leadership Perspective Mini Case Study -- Exclusive 5 Star Hotel Group

Personal Leadership Perspective Mini Case Study: Vanderlande

Final Thoughts and aWarning!

Starting the Lean Six Sigma Engine