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Fundamentals of High-Voltage Engineering

Ravindra Arora, Bharat Singh Rajpurohit

ISBN: 9788126579747

408 pages

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INR 499


This book has a novel approach in describing the fundamental concept of field-dependent behavior of dielectrics when subjected to different types of high voltages. The contents begin with a systematic classification of electric fields and the techniques of field estimation. In-depth coverage of performance/behaviour of gaseous, solid and liquid dielectrics has been made in the book. The basics of high voltage laboratory techniques, non-destructive testing, measurement of high test voltages and dielectric properties are also covered in detail in this book.


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Chapter 1 Introduction to High-Voltage Engineering


Chapter 2 Electric Field Intensity, Stress Control, and Types of Breakdown in Dielectrics


Chapter 3 Transient Overvoltages and Insulation Coordination in High-Voltage Networks


Chapter 4 Field-Dependent Electric Strength and Breakdown in Gaseous Dielectrics and Vacuum


Chapter 5 Lightning, a Breakdown Phenomenon in Atmospheric Air, Its Effects and Protection


Chapter 6 Solid- and Liquid-Insulating Materials, Their Classification, Properties, and Breakdown


Chapter 7 Generation of High Test Voltages


Chapter 8 Measurement of High Test Voltages


Chapter 9 Non-Destructive Testing and Quality Control of Electrical Equipment


Chapter 10 High-Voltage Test Laboratory Design and Curriculum Experiments

Experiment I

Experiment II

Experiment III     

Experiment IV     

Experiment V

Experiment VI     

Experiment VII     

Experiment VIII and IX   

Experiment X



Worked Examples   

Multiple-Choice Questions        

Review Questions   

Numerical Problems    


Appendix A Finite Element Modelling and High-Voltage Engineering

A.1 Introduction to FEM Modelling in COMSOLTM   


Practice Questions   


Appendix B Travelling Waves on Transmission Lines

B.1 Evaluation of the Velocity of Wave Propagation         

B.2 Reflection and Refraction Coefficients of Travelling Waves


Worked Examples   

Numerical Problems