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Culinary Economics

Chef Y.B. Mathur

ISBN: 9789388934459

286 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 995


The market for culinary businesses is burgeoning in geometric progressions each year. Failure of some of the world's best culinary businesses happens due to the poor knowledge of culinary economics. Given its all-embracing content, ‘Culinary Economics’ is a classic for students and practitioners alike with cost management as the essence of this book. The book deals with the systematic examination of various factors of food production economics. It is panoramically sweeping in its content, integrating the critical dimensions of F&B controls, procurement, inventory management and revenue strategy. It highlights the imperative of using audit and internal controls as effective instruments for not only plugging value leaks, but also as a means of enhancing quality and customer satisfaction.


Module I: The Culinary Business

Module II: Culinary Ingredients

Module III: Costs – Core of Culinary Economics

Module IV: Menu Engineering-Culinary Business Analytics

Module V: Culinary Materials Management: The Concept

Module VI: Culinary Materials Management: Efficient Management of Purchasing Activities

Module VII: Culinary Materials Management: Selecting the Right Supplier

Module VIII: Culinary Materials Management: Right Receiving

Module IX: Culinary Materials Management: Efficient Storing, Inventory Management and Right Issuing

Module X: Culinary Materials Management: Economics of Food Production and Food Service

Module XI: Controls

Module XII: Kitchen Stewarding

Module XIII: Objectivity and Subjectivity in Culinary Businesses