Microcontrollers and Embedded System Design

Nilesh Bhaskarrao Bahadure, Saurabh Chandrakar

ISBN: 9789388934220

844 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 995


The book first deals with the microcontrollers and then goes on to discuss embedded system design, and finally to the applications of embedded systems. Apart from the most popular 8051 Intel family of MCs, it also discusses the Intel-8096, ARM and PIC suites of microcontrollers. The basic architecture and various makes are detailed in the first part of the book. Both, the interfacing and the software aspects have been given an integrated treatment which is necessary for this subject. It includes 200+ examples, solved in a step-by-step method and with the aid of flowcharts for better understanding. Data used and the results obtained have been appropriately detailed in these examples.

  1. Basics of 8051 Microcontroller

  2. Instruction set and Programming of 8051

  3. Assembly Language Programming of 8051 Microcontroller

  4. Timers of 8051 Microcontroller

  5. Serial Communication of Microcontroller 8051

  6. Interrupts of 8051 Microcontroller

  7. Memory Interfacing with Microcontroller 8051

  8. Applications of 8051 Microcontroller

  9. Embedded Systems

10. PIC, 8096 and ARM Microcontrollers

11. Applications of Single Board Computer