InDesign CC in Simple Steps

DT Editorial Services

ISBN: 9789388425063

304 pages

INR 349


InDesign CC IN SIMPLE STEPS is a step-by step guide for learning and gaining expertise in InDesign CC. The book explains the core concepts of creating page layouts, desktop publishing, and digital publishing. It covers new and enhanced features in InDesign CC, such as Document Preview, Paragraph Border and Shading, Modern User Interface (UI), Share File on Creative Cloud, EPUB Enhancement, Sync Settings, Publish Online, Font Search and Filter, and Typekit Marketplace. The content presented in this book is equally helpful to both beginner and advanced user.

  • Introduction to InDesign CC
  • Working with Document
  • Formatting the Document
  • Working with Tables
  • Working with Drawing Tools
  • Working with Objects
  • Using Graphics
  • Applying Effects and Animations
  • Working with Colours and Strokes
  • Publishing the Document



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