Wiley's Chapter - Wise Solved NEET Papers (1998 - 2019) Chemistry

Wiley Editorial

ISBN: 9788126520046

260 pages

INR 289


The aim of this examination is to evaluate the conceptual strength of the students and their ability to solve application based problems. The entrance test consist of one paper containing 180 objective type questions (four options with single correct answer) from Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Botany and Zoology) to be answered. Each chapter of this book offers topic-wise analysis of chemistry previous years’ 2010–2019. This will help students focus their preparation on important and frequently asked topics. Hence, it becomes very important to get well-versed with the pattern of examination, the level of questions asked and the concept distribution in the examination.



Chapter 1 Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Chapter 2 Structure of Atom

Chapter 3 Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

Chapter 4 Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

Chapter 5 States of Matter

Chapter 6 Thermodynamics

Chapter 7 Equilibrium

Chapter 8 Redox Reactions

Chapter 9 Hydrogen

Chapter 10 The s-Block Elements

Chapter 11 The p-Block Elements (Group 13 and 14)

Chapter 12 Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and Techniques

Chapter 13 Hydrocarbons

Chapter 14 Environmental Chemistry

Chapter 15 The Solid State

Chapter 16 Solutions

Chapter 17 Electrochemistry

Chapter 18 Chemical Kinetics

Chapter 19 Surface Chemistry

Chapter 20 General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements

Chapter 21 The p-Block Elements (Group 15 to 18)

Chapter 22 The d- and f-Block Elements

Chapter 23 Coordination Compounds

Chapter 24 Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

Chapter 25 Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers

Chapter 26 Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids

Chapter 27 Amines

Chapter 28 Biomolecules

Chapter 29 Polymers

Chapter 30 Chemistry in Everyday Life

Appendix Solved NEET 2019 Chemistry Paper