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Wiley's Mathematics for JEE (Main & Advanced): Geometry, Vol 4, 2020ed

Dr. G S N Murti

ISBN: 9788126500994

INR 759


Geometry – the branch of mathematics which received the earliest attention in the history of mathematics – offers the most bewildering choice of where to start and how to approach the subject. Geometry holds a great deal of importance in science and engineering. This book offers all important topics of geometry covered in the syllabus of JEE (Main & Advanced).


Chapter 1 Rectangular Coordinates, Basic Formulae, Locus and Change of Axes

1.1 Rectangular Coordinates

1.2 Basic Formulae

1.3 Locus

1.4 Change of Axes


Chapter 2 Straight Line and Pair of Lines

2.1 Straight Line

2.2 Pair of Lines


Chapter 3 Circle

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Relation Between a Circle and a Line in its Plane

3.3 Classification of Points in a Plane w.r.t. a Circle in the Same Plane

3.4 Relation Between Two Circles

3.5 Common Tangents to Two Circles


Chapter 4 Parabola

4.1 Conic Section

4.2 Parabola


Chapter 5 Ellipse and Hyperbola

5.1 Ellipse

5.2 Inverted Ellipse

5.3 Hyperbola


Chapter 6 Three-Dimensional Geometry

6.1 Pre-Requisites

6.2 Coordinates, Direction Cosines and Direction Ratios

6.3 Plane

6.4 Line


Worked-Out Problems





Appendix A: *Additional Practice Problems

Appendix B: *JEE (Advanced) Questions (2011–2018)


*For online interactive practice.