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Mechanical Engineering Data Handbook

Mukesh Pandey, Pushpendra Sharma, Vishav Kamal, Prashant Sharma

ISBN: 9789389307061

1140 pages

INR 545


Mechanical Engineering - Data Handbook is meant for the students of B.E./B.TECH, and for the candidates preparing for IES, GATE and other competitive examination and research. It consists of 18 chapters in all, covering the various topics systematically.


Part I: Thermal Science

1. Refrigeration and Air conditioning

2. Heat and Mass Transfer

3. Solar Energy

4. Steam Tables


Part II: Materials and Heat Treatment

1. Materials

2. Heat Treatment


Part III: Machine Design

1. Machine Elements

2. Standards and Standard Machine Elements

3. Fits and Tolerances

4. Bearings

5. Gears

6. Materials Handling Equipment


Part IV: Mechanics of Solids

1. Mechanics of Solids


Part V: Manufacturing Processes

1. Casting

2. Welding

3. Machining

4. Metal Forming

5. Tolerances of Holes and Shafts