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Digital Signal Processing

K. Raja Rajeswari

ISBN: 9789389307412

312 pages

INR 425


This book provides a comprehensive treatment of DSP techniques commencing from an elementary level of sampling process. It covers topics like z-transforms, filter approximations, digital filters (both IIR & FIR), Discrete Fourier transforms (DFTs), Fast Fourier transforms (FFTs), filter realization techniques, Multirate Signal Processing, DSP Processors, DSP applications. At the end MATLAB programming is given on various DSP topics. The aim is to impart adequate knowledge to the undergraduate level students in DSP area. This book focuses on theoretical concepts and problem solving.

  •   Sampling & Discrete Time Systems
  •   Z-Transforms
  •   Analog Filter Approximations
  •   Iir Filters
  •   Fir Filters
  •   Realization of Digital Filters
  •   The Discrete Fourier Transform
  •  Fast Fourier Transform
  •  Multirate Digital Signal Processing
  •  Digital Correlation Techniques
  •  Power Spectrum Estimation
  •  DSP Processors
  •   Dsp Applications
  •    Digital Signal Processing with Matlab