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Instrumentation and Process Control

Janardan Prasad, M.N. Jayaswal, Vishnu Priye

ISBN: 9789389307191

398 pages

INR 445


Instrumentation and control system is the heart of all processing industries. No process can run without the aid of instrumentation. Therefore, sometimes it is said that instruments are eyes of process  through which a process operators visualize the process behaviour. Instrumentation and control concepts have undergone a drastic change over the past few years. The book is meant for the graduate level course of Instrumentation and Process Control (Electrical & Electronics and Instrumentation & Control disciplines).

The topics have been divided in 8 chapters. The first three are devoted to Transducers.

1. Transducers–I

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Definition of Transducer

1.3 Classification of Transducer

1.4 Inverse Transducer

1.5 Characteristics of Transducers

1.6 Transducer Elements

1.7 Secondary Transducer Element


2. Transducers–II

2.1 Elements of Instrumentation System  

2.2 Transducers and Measurement of Pressure

2.3 Measurement of Displacement, Velocity


3. Transducers-III

3.1 Transducers and Measurement of Temperature  

3.2 Other Considerations

3.3 Measurement of Flow

3.4 Measurement of Level


4. Telemetry

4.1 Introduction  

4.2 Cable Telemetry (Landline System)

4.3 Analog Telemetry

4.4 Pulse Telemetry

4.5 Digital Telemetry  

4.6 RF Telemetry  

4.7 Telemetry in Electrical Power System


5. Signal Conditioning and Data Acquisition System

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Signal Conditioning

5.3 Multiplexing

5.4 Accuracy of Digital Meter

5.5 Aperture Time for Sample and Hold Mechanism


6. Process Control

6.1 Introduction  

6.2 Proportional Control

6.3 Integral Control

6.4 Derivative Control

6.5 Proportional-cum-integral Control (PI Control)  

6.6 Proportional-cum-integral-cum-derivative (PID) Control

6.7 Integral Windup

6.8 Electronic Controller

6.9 Pneumatic Controller

6.10 Selection of Control Technique

6.11 Three-element Control (Concept of Feed Forward)


7. Display Devices And Recorders

7.1 Recorders  

7.2 X-Y Plotter

7.3 Digital Data Display Devices


8. Microprocessor Based Instrumentation System

8.1 Introduction

8.2 Interface System Techniques

8.3 Microprocessor Based Programmable Controller

8.4 Bus System, Interrupt Services and Communication Protocols

8.5 PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

8.6 DCS (Distributed Control System)