Strategic Management: Concepts and Practices

Shamsher Singh

ISBN: 9789389307207

504 pages

INR 575


This book will help in understanding how the strategic management has evolved over a period of time, what strategies have been adopted by the different organizations around the world during the last and present century and what lessons students can learn from the approaches adopted by the different strategists and the organizations. The main objective of this book is to present the strategic management concepts, issues and processes in a simplified, logical and sequential manner so that a large number of student fraternity at graduate and postgraduate level are benefited.


  • Introduction of strategic management                                   
  • Strategic management process                                              
  • Establishment of hierarchy of strategic intent                     
  • External environment analysis design and change
  • Organisational appraisal                                                       
  • Corpoate level strategy-stablility and retrenchment            
  • Corporate level strategu - growth or expansion                  
  • Business level strategies
  • Strategy analysis and choice
  • Strategy implementation
  • Strategy implementation-structures
  • Behavioural implementation
  • Functional implementation plans and policies
  • Strategic evaluation and control



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