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Wiley's TCS National Qualifier Test Study Guide

Wiley Editorial

ISBN: 9788126507795

408 pages

INR 499


The book includes all key concepts explained through illustrations and examples. It is designed as a must-have resource for the students preparing for the TNQT. It aims to make the students well-versed with the pattern of examination, level of questions asked and the concept distribution of questions and thus bring greater focus to their preparation – learning and testing both.


Note to the Aspirants


Section I English

Chapter 1 English Concept Review

Chapter 2 English Practice Questions


Section II Quantitative Aptitude

Chapter 3 Quantitative Aptitude Concept Review

Chapter 4 Quantitative Aptitude Practice Questions


Section III Programming Concepts

Chapter 5 Programming Logic Concept Review

Chapter 6 Programming Logic Practice Tests


Section IV Coding

Chapter 7 Coding in C, C++, Java, Perl and Python 2.7


Section V Mock Tests

Mock Test 1

Mock Test 2