Oscillations, Waves and Acoustics

P.K. Mittal

ISBN: 9789389307672

566 pages

INR 425


The present book is meant for the students of undergraduate Science and Engineering courses. This course finds lots of applications, right from Mechanics, Sound, Optics, Solid State Physics, and Electrodynamics to Electronics. The chapters cover a vast number of topics like free, forced, damped oscillations, normal modes of vibrations, sound waves, overdamped and ballistic oscillations, LCR circuits etc. In every chapter the topics are dealt with in detail followed by illustrated solved examples and unsolved exercises.


  • Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Free, Damped and Forced Vibrations
  • Circuit Transients - Damped and Forced Oscillations
  • Addition of Simple Harmonic Motions: Lissajous’ Figures
  • Normal Modes of Vibration: Coupled Oscillations
  • Wave Motion
  • Velocity of Sound
  • Stationary Waves, Interference and Beats
  • Reflection, Refraction and Diffraction
  • Vibrations in Strings, Air Columns and Rods
  • Fourier's Theorem
  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Ultrasonics
  • Some Miscellaneous Acoustical Phenomena
  • Electromagnetic Waves
  • Matter Waves, Shock Waves and Seisamic Waves
  • Index



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