Textbook of Microbiology

Naveen Kango

ISBN: 9789389307726

436 pages

INR 465


Textbook of Microbiology provides a structured approach to learning by covering all the important topics in a simple, uniform and systematic format. The book is written in a manner suited to the undergraduate and postgraduate of Microbiology / Industrial Microbiology courses. The language and diagrams are particularly easy to understand and reproduce while answering essay type questions.


Part I–Fundamentals of Industrial Microbiology, Tools and Techniques

  • History and Scope of Microbiology
  • Microscopy
  • General Characteristics and Classification of Bacteria
  • General Characteristics of Fungi
  • General Characteristics of Viruses
  • Microbial Growth and Culture Media
  • Isolation and Maintenance of Microorganisms
  • Sterilization and Control of Microorganisms
  • Instrumentation.

Part II–Principles of Biochemistry and Microbial Genetics

  • Carbohydrates
  • Amino Acids and Proteins
  • Lipids
  • Enzymes
  • Bioenergetics, ATP Generation and Transport of Biomolecules
  • Structure and Replication of DNA
  • Types and Properties of RNA
  • Genetic Code and Protein Synthesis
  • Gene Regulation
  • Mutation and Repair
  • Genetic Recombination in Bacteria




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