A Textbook Of Algae

A.V.S.S. Sambamurty

ISBN: 9789389447170

336 pages

INR 395


A TEXTBOOK OF ALGAE to the students of Botany pursuing B.Sc.(Gen.) B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc. and related fields like Medical Botany, Pharmacy, Agricultural Botany and Horticulture. The book is amply illustrated with examples and includes several general topics like structure and reproduction of algae, lifecycles, chemical constituents, ecology of algae, economic importance of algae, etc. Type study has been given class-wise, for instance Chlorophyceae, Xanthophyceae, Bacillariphyceae, Phaeophyceae, Rhodophyceae and Myxophyceae.


  • Classification of Algae
  • Habitat and Habit of Algae (Ecology of Algae)
  • Commercial Cultivation of Algae
  • Chemical Constituents of Seaweeds
  • Economic Importance of Algae and Chemical Constituents of Algae
  • Cytology and Ultrastructure of Algae
  • Thallus Organization
  • Life Cycles : Phylogeny Sexuality
  • Class Chlorophyceae : General Characters and Type Study
  • Class Xanthophyceae
  • Bacillariphyceae
  • Class Phaeophyceae : General Characters and Type Study
  • Class Rhodophyceae : General Characters and Type Study
  • Class Myxophyceae: General Characters and Type Study
  • Appendix 1: Life Cycles of Algae
  • Appendix 2 : Techniques in Algae
  • Appendix 3 : Glossary of Algae
  • Important Questions
  • Index



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