Wiley's Textbook of Botany for NEET and other Medical Entrance Examinations, 2ed, 2020

Wiley Editorial

ISBN: 9788126579624

1132 pages

INR 999


NEET is an essential stepping stone for all medical aspirants across India. The aim of this examination is to evaluate the conceptual strength of the students and their efficiency to solve application-based problems. This book helps you in developing an effective exam strategy. Simple and straight presentation would help students in understanding the concepts better. This book is enriched with problem solving tools and assessment that would serve as a one-stop solution! This recent edition of Botany for NEET and other Medical Entrance Examinations is a concise definitive text for learning the concept. It offers a compelling solution for all students preparing for NEET.

1 The Living World


2 Biological Classification


3 Plant Kingdom

Answer Key


4 Morphology of Flowering Plants


5 Anatomy of Flowering Plants


6. Cell: The Unit of Life

Answer Key


7 Cell Cycle and Cell Division


8 Transport in Plants


9 Mineral Nutrition


10 Photosynthesis in Higher Plants


11 Respiration in Plants


12 Plant Growth and Development


13 Reproduction In Organisms


14 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants


15 Principles of Inheritance and Variation


16 Molecular Basis of Inheritance


17 Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production


18 Microbes in Human Welfare


19 Organisms and Populations


20 Ecosystem


21 Biodiversity and Conservation


22 Environmental Issues


Appendix A NCERT Exemplar Problems

Appendix B NEET 2018 Solved Paper



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