Fundamentals of Computers

Manaullah Abid, Mohammad Amjad

ISBN: 9789389520392

328 pages

INR 435


The book is spread in seven units. The first unit is dedicated to the basics of the computer system. It covers description of block diagram, functions and working of various components. The latest available types and varieties of different peripherals and CPUs are also elaborated. The second unit describes two major operating systems, Windows and UNIX. The third unit is about networking. The basic ideas of networking IPv4 and latest IPv6 have been described. The fourth unit is about application packages.

The fifth unit covers logic development and programming skills.


  • Introduction to computers
  • Operating systems
  • Application programs
  • Introduction to computer networking
  • Programming in C and CPP
  • WEB Designing with HTML
  • Database Management Systems
  • Index



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