Taxonomy of Angiosperms

A.V.S.S. Sambamurty

ISBN: 9789389447569

908 pages

INR 645


Taxonomy of Angiosperms is designed for B.Sc. (H) and M.Sc. students of Botany in various universities. The book is divided into two parts; Part I deals with the Principles of Angiosperm Taxonomy and Part II deals with families. The book is amply illustrated with examples. Some of the important chapters in Part I comprise Different Classifications, Nomenclature, Biosystematics, Modern Trends in Taxonomy, Chemotaxonomy, Numerical Taxonomy etc. Part II deals with about 214 families of which 55 are discussed in detail and summarized accounts of the rest are given for advanced students.

  1. Preface
  2. Part I: Principles of Angiosperms Taxonomy: Plant Taxonomy
  3. History of Classification
  4. Systems of Classifications
  5. Current Systems of Classification
  6. Plant Nomenclature
  7. Species Problem
  8. Primitive Versus Advanced Characters
  9. Taxonomy Hierarchy
  10. Modern Trends in Taxonomy
  11. Chemotaxonomy
    Numerical Taxonomy
  12. Biosystematics
  13. Computerized Systematics
  14. Reproductive Biology and Systematics
  15. Fossil Angiosperms
  16. Origin of Angiosperms
  17. Plant Geography
  18. Endemism
  19. Introduction to Flora of India
  20. Herbaria, Botanical Gardens, Plant Identification and Literature of Taxonomy


Part II: Families: More than 200 Families and 160 additional families described.



  1. Armen Takhtajhan’s Classification
  2. Comparisons of Families
  3. Technical Description of a Plant
  4. Questions of Principles of Taxonomy some Families of Dicotyledons and Monocotyledons
  5. Floral Diagrams and floral Formula of Some families of Dicotyledons and Monocotyledons
  6. Selected References



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