Soft Skills: Enhancing Employability

M.S. Rao, Marshall Goldsmith

ISBN: 9789389447156

256 pages

INR 325


This is a very timely book. With the world still reeling from the aftershocks of the global credit crunch. Professor M.S Rao offers a number of extremely useful maps to young people who need to navigate the territory of creating their own success in organizational life. He also offers practical help to the reader to develop the soft skills that are so vital in developing effective working relationships.






Section One—Soft Skills

01. Introduction

02. What are Soft and Hard Skills?

03. Communication Skills: Heart of Soft Skills

04. How to Improve Your Body Language?

05. Interpersonal Skills

06. How to Enhance Your Listening Skills?

07. How to Sharpen Your Writing Skills?

08. Presentation Skills

09. Soft Skills and Johari Window

10. Conflict Management Skills

11. Assertiveness for Resolving Conflicts

12. Change Management

13. Stress Management

14. How Can You Excel as a Leader?

15. How to Build Successful Teams?

16. How to Motivate Yourself?

17. Negotiation Skills

18. How to Enhance Your Creativity?

19. Managing Your Time

20. What is Mentoring?

21. Corporate Etiquette


Section Two—Challenges

22. Challenges in Indian Educational System

23. Soft Skills at Workplace

24. Soft Skills for Managers

25. Addressing the Challenges in Management Education

26. Blending Both Art and Craft for Effective Management Education


Section Three — Enhancing Employability

27. Employability Skills

28. Can Soft Skills be called Employability Skills?

29. How to Enhance Your Employability Skills?

30. How to Improve Your Soft Skills?

31. Training and Grooming

32. Teaching vs. Training

33. Soft Skills Training

34. How to Write Your Resume?

35. Interview Tips for Freshers

36. Common Interview Questions

37. Participating in Group Discussions

38. Enhancing Employability in Management and Engineering Students

39. Robert Katz and Soft Skills

40. Conclusion







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