Microsoft SharePoint For Dummies

Ken Withee, Rosemarie Withee

ISBN: 9788126528882

428 pages

INR 699


SharePoint For Dummies will be a thorough update to show users how to make the most of all the new SharePoint and Office features while still building on the great and well-reviewed content in the prior editions. The book shows those new to SharePoint or new to SharePoint 2019 how to get a site up and running, branded, populated with content, workflow and managed. This new edition adds the high need-to-know information for administrators, "techsumers", and page admins who want to leverage the cloud-hosted features online either as a standalone product or in conjunction with an existing SharePoint infrastructure.


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Part 1: Getting Started with SharePoint

Chapter 1: Getting to Know SharePoint

  • Up and Running with SharePoint in Three Minutes Flat
  • Wrapping Your Head around SharePoint
  • No, really, what is SharePoint?
  • A Microsoft product
  • Many different SharePoint definitions
  • More than a website
  • Taking a Peek at a SharePoint Site
  • Getting Familiar with SharePoint Terminology
  • Branding
  • Business intelligence (BI)
  • eDiscovery
  • Identity management
  • Mobile
  • Records management and compliance
  • Search
  • Social
  • Web content management
  • Workflow


Chapter 2: Introducing SharePoint in Office 365

  • Accessing and Using SharePoint
  • Getting Familiar with SharePoint Online
  • Determining What Version of SharePoint You are Using  
  • Understanding Why SharePoint Online Has Become So Popular
  • Differences between SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises
  • Exploring the Benefits of SharePoint Online
  • Data center and hardware
  • Software platform
  • Backup, redundancy, and security


Chapter 3: Wrangling SharePoint Functionality

  • Coming to Terms with Website Templates
  • Show Me the Apps
  • Working with Web Pages
  • Site page
  • Wiki page
  • Web Part page
  • Publishing page
  • Understanding Web Parts
  • Digging into SharePoint Features
  • Integrating with Office 2019


Part 2: Diving Headfirst into SharePoint

Chapter 4: Discovering SharePoint in Your Pocket

  • Installing the SharePoint Mobile App
  • Installing on iOS
  • Installing on Android
  • Signing into the SharePoint Mobile App
  • Finding Your SharePoint Stuff with the Find Tab
  • Exploring a SharePoint site
  • Opening navigation
  • Getting the Latest News with the News Tab
  • All About You with the Me Tab


Chapter 5: Understanding SharePoint Sites and Hub Sites

  • Accessing SharePoint Sites in Office 365
  • Exploring the SharePoint Team Site
  • Finding your way around
  • Uploading documents
  • Sharing your team site
  • Creating a SharePoint Site
  • Create a site from your web browser
  • Create a site from the SharePoint Mobile App
  • Requesting a SharePoint Site
  • Grouping Sites with Hub Sites


Chapter 6: Working with Web Pages and Web Parts

  • Understanding SharePoint Web Pages
  • Creating a Site page
  • Creating a Web Part page
  • Creating a Wiki page
  • Introducing the Ribbon
  • Deciding What Type of Page to Create
  • Digging into Web Parts
  • Adding a Web Part to Your Page
  • Choosing the Right Web Part
  • Changing Web Part Properties
  • Reviewing Web Part properties
  • Editing Web Part properties
  • Minimizing or deleting Web Parts
  • Connecting Web Parts
  • Managing Pages
  • Categorizing Your Wiki Pages
  • Taking a Sneak Peek into Custom Page Designs


Chapter 7: Adding Content to SharePoint

  • SharePoint as a Content Management System
  • Wrangling the Overwhelming Mountain of Digital Content
  • Getting Your Documents into SharePoint
  • Uploading a single document
  • Uploading multiple documents
  • Updating document properties using Quick Edit view
  • Creating New Content in SharePoint
  • Using the SharePoint Mobile App to Peek at Content on the Go


Chapter 8: Discovering SharePoint in Microsoft Teams

  • Using Teams in Office 365
  • Understanding the Marriage of SharePoint and Teams
  • Accessing SharePoint files in Teams
  • Using the Teams wiki and finding it in SharePoint
  • Adding SharePoint Pages and Lists to Teams


Chapter 9: Working with SharePoint from Microsoft Office

  • Getting Familiar with Office Versioning
  • Working with Office on Your Desktop or Laptop
  • Installing Microsoft Office
  • Saving a new document to SharePoint
  • Opening a document from SharePoint
  • Working with Office on Your Smartphone or Tablet
  • Saving a new document to SharePoint
  • Opening a document from SharePoint


Chapter 10: Getting Social

  • Sharing and Following SharePoint Sites
  • Setting up alerts
  • Managing alerts
  • Staying Up to Date with News
  • Information Sharing with Blogs and Wikis
  • Creating a blog site
  • Posting to a blog
  • Using wikis to collaborate and coauthor
  • Communicating with Discussion Boards
  • Creating a Discussion Board app
  • Posting and replying to a subject
  • Connecting with Others Using RSS Feeds
  • Viewing RSS feeds
  • Reading RSS feeds with Outlook
  • Using Comments in a SharePoint site


Part 3: Customizing SharePoint

Chapter 11: Customizing SharePoint with Apps

  • Introducing SharePoint Apps
  • Adding Apps to Your Site
  • Accessing App Settings
  • Configuring the General Settings
  • Changing the title, description, and navigation
  • Versioning settings
  • Advanced settings
  • Validation settings
  • Audience Targeting settings
  • Rating settings
  • Form settings
  • Developing a Custom App
  • Planning Your App
  • Creating Your App
  • Adding columns to your app
  • Working with the Title column
  • Importing a Spreadsheet as an App
  • Taking Your App to the Next Level: Calculated and Lookup Columns
  • Creating a calculated column
  • Using a lookup column
  • Keeping Track of Locations
  • Downloading Apps from the SharePoint Store


Chapter 12: Taking Control of Your Profile and Content

  • Organizing Your Personal Content with OneDrive
  • Saving stuff with OneDrive
  • Creating or uploading documents in your OneDrive
  • Expressing Yourself with Your Profile
  • Creating a holistic profile experience
  • Filling in your profile information
  • Tracking Your Favorite Sites
  • Reaching Out with a Blog


Chapter 13: Organizing and Viewing Content

  • Working with Documents
  • Using the ellipsis
  • Editing a document's properties
  • Viewing documents in the browser
  • Sharing Your Documents
  • Recovering Deleted Documents
  • Uploading Documents into a Folder
  • Discovering SharePoint Views
  • Switching the view
  • Getting to know view formats
  • Creating a Standard View
  • Choosing columns for your view
  • Filtering apps with views
  • Grouping results
  • Quickly edit app data with Quick Edit
  • Choosing a display style
  • Managing App Data in a Datasheet View
  • Using Ad Hoc Views
  • Creating a Calendar View
  • Displaying Tasks in a Gantt View
  • Managing Existing Views
  • Modifying your views
  • Setting the default view
  • Other SharePoint built-in views
  • Displaying Views via Web Parts


Chapter 14: Creating Workflows with Microsoft Flow

  • Understanding Workflow
  • Introducing Microsoft Flow
  • Signing into Microsoft Flow
  • Getting familiar with Flow
  • Building your first flow
  • Using the Traditional SharePoint-Only Workflow
  • Getting Up to Speed on SharePoint Designer
  • Connecting to a SharePoint site
  • Creating a workflow
  • Rediscovering the Out-of-the-Box Approval Workflow


Chapter 15: Getting Answers with Microsoft Forms

  • Signing into Microsoft Forms
  • Creating a Form in Microsoft Forms
  • Analyzing Microsoft Forms Data
  • Displaying a Form in SharePoint
  • Capturing Forms Data in SharePoint


Part 4: Becoming a SharePoint Administrator

Chapter 16: Building Business Apps with PowerApps

  • Introducing PowerApps
  • Signing into PowerApps
  • Getting familiar with PowerApps
  • Building your first PowerApp
  • Sharing your PowerApp
  • Using PowerApps on your Mobile Device
  • Embedding a PowerApp within a SharePoint Page
  • Viewing SharePoint Sites in a Web Browser on a Mobile Device
  • Creating views for small screens
  • Targeting devices using channels


Chapter 17: Realizing You are a SharePoint Administrator

  • Changing Your Site's Basic Information
  • Finding Site Settings
  • Digging into Site Settings
  • Look and Feel 25
  • Site Actions
  • Site Collection Administration
  • Web Designer Galleries
  • Site Administration
  • Search
  • Getting a High-Level View of SharePoint Features
  • Turning Features On and Off
  • Exploring Common Features
  • Extending SharePoint with Features
  • Changing the Look and Feel of Your Site
  • A note on fonts
  • A word on usability
  • The benefits of composed looks
  • Checking Out SharePoint Metrics


Chapter 18: Configuring Site Navigation

  • Changing Team Site Navigation
  • Staying local with Quick Launch
  • Adding quick links to a page
  • Taking on Advanced Navigation
  • Configuring SharePoint navigation
  • Configuring global navigation
  • Configuring current navigation
  • Configuring Static Navigation
  • Navigating with Web Parts
  • Understanding Managed Navigation


Chapter 19: Creating a Client or Partner Portal

  • Sharing a Site with External Guests
  • Inviting Guests Using Outlook Groups
  • Planning for Your Client or Guest Portal
  • Launching Your Portal
  • Creating a Public-Facing Website
  • GoDaddy
  • Wix
  • Working with an Existing SharePoint Online Public-Facing Website
  • Reviewing what you get with your site
  • Adding and editing web pages
  • Updating page properties
  • Changing the site's look and feel
  • Using a vanity domain


Chapter 20: Securing SharePoint

  • Using SharePoint Groups
  • Adding users to a group
  • Understanding the permission structure
  • Securing a site collection
  • Securing Apps, Folders, Documents, and Items
  • Creating unique permissions for a subsite
  • Removing existing permissions
  • Creating unique permissions for an app or document
  • Managing permissions scenarios
  • Viewing a group's permissions
  • Checking a user's permissions
  • Granting Administrative Access
  • Viewing Site Permissions
  • Viewing Publishing Infrastructure Feature Site Permissions
  • Locking Down a Partner Portal
  • Permissions in SharePoint Online versus SharePoint On-Premises
  • Going Further with Custom Permissions


Part 5: Managing Enterprise Content

Chapter 21: Managing Content and the Content Lifecycle

  • Checking a Document In and Out
  • Configuring Content Approval
  • Turning on content approval
  • Identifying approvers
  • Casting an approving eye
  • Disapproving: Not just for stern parents
  • Getting alerts on approval/rejection status
  • Digging into a SharePoint Records Center
  • Defining the terms
  • Creating information management policies
  • Setting Up a Records Center
  • Using the Content Organizer
  • Managing Records in Place
  • Placing Records on Litigation Hold


Chapter 22: Finding What You Need with Search

  • Understanding How SharePoint Search Works
  • Searching for Content
  • Searching for a string using quotation marks
  • Wildcard searches
  • Including and excluding terms
  • Building compound search queries using Boolean operators
  • Getting fancy with the parentheses
  • Finding terms in proximity
  • Same meaning, different terms
  • Viewing and Refining Search Results
  • Making Search Your Users' Best Friend
  • Removing Content from Search Results
  • Reviewing Search Analytics
  • Adding a Search Center Site


Chapter 23: Integrating with Power BI

  • Signing into Power BI
  • Installing the Power BI Desktop
  • Building Your First Power BI Report
  • Pulling Data into Power BI from SharePoint
  • SharePoint Library app
  • SharePoint List app
  • Displaying a Power BI Report on a SharePoint Page


Part 6: The Part of Tens

Chapter 24: Ten Hot SharePoint 2019 Topics

  • Getting Up to Speed with SharePoint
  • SharePoint Online Videos
  • SharePoint Online Official Documentation
  • SharePoint Development
  • SharePoint Workflow
  • Taking SharePoint for a Spin
  • Staying Current: The SharePoint Blog
  • New On-Premises Features in SharePoint 2019
  • Plan for SharePoint
  • SharePoint from the Leader


Chapter 25: Ten Ways to Maintain Control with Governance

  • Failure is Not an Option (Neither is Looking Away and Whistling)
  • Getting Executive Buy-In and Support
  • Building an Effective Governance Group
  • Finding the Right Level
  • Yours, Mine, Ours: Deciding Who Owns What
  • (Re)Visiting Social Networking Policies
  • Design and Branding
  • Content Management
  • Reusing Web Parts
  • Keeping Things Current: Web Operations Management


Chapter 26: Ten Ways to Become a SharePoint Server Guru

  • Getting Information from the Horse's Mouth
  • Reading SharePoint Blogs
  • Finding Local User Groups
  • Building a Virtual Lab
  • Starting with a Good Foundation
  • Borrowing from Others
  • Getting Certified
  • Taking a Peek under the Covers
  • Digging Deeper under the Covers
  • Deconstructing a SharePoint Site




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