C# Essentials

Subashri Vasudevan, Shriram K Vasudevan, Sunandhini Muralidharan, Krishnakumar

ISBN: 9789389520019

256 pages

INR 405


The book offers a hands-on approach on the treatment of C# language and programming aspects, by bringing in practical examples and down-to-earth explanations. The treatment begins with .Net framework and the reasoning of choosing C#, goes on to discuss the branching and looping construct codes, then moves on to C# language nuts and bolts, and finally into the programming aspects, in a logical manner. This book has been written in such a way that even a novice programmer would be able to code in C# after he/ she goes past initial few chapters.

  • Introduction to .Net Framework
  • Branching and Looping
  • Getting Started with the Concepts in C#
  • Towards Object Orientation
  • The Collections Namespace
  • Multi-Threading in C#
  • File Handling in C#
  • LINQ in C#
  • More on C#
  • Sample C# Application: Windows Application
  • Index


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