Mobile Cloud Computing: Principles and Paradigms

Abhirup Khanna, Sarishma

ISBN: 9789389520057

232 pages

INR 485


The amalgamation of two technologies, Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing, has given rise to what we know today as Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC). Mobile Cloud Computing could be seen as a solution to the problems faced by our smartphones by leveraging the concepts of cloud computing. With the vast usage of mobile devices, it is evident that the next paradigm shift after cloud computing would be MCC. This book is one of its kinds as it covers all aspects of MCC. Some of the leading concepts which this book covers are Mobile Computational Offloading (MCO) and Cloud Assisted Mobile Augmentation (CMA) which helps to overcome the limitations (battery life and computational power) faced by our smartphones.

  • Introduction to Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Assisted Mobile Augmentation
  • Mobile Computation Offloading
  • Cloudlet: Bringing Cloud Closer
  • Resource Allocation in Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Live Migration of Virtual Machine
  • Security concerns in Mobile Cloud Computing


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