Advanced Internet Technology and E-commerce

Daminni Grover

ISBN: 9789389520071

400 pages

INR 525


Advanced Internet Technology and E-commerce is a thorough and practical guide for developing Internet applications and e-commerce solutions. The handbook provides the required knowledge and skills in advanced Internet technologies particularly related to server-side Internet programming and business-to-business systems. While learning various states-of-the- art web technologies, readers will also learn how to construct distributed Internet applications. The audience can be divided into two segments. The first segment is the undergraduate and postgraduate students of IT programs

  • Introduction to Advanced Internet Programming and Protocols
  • Server Side Scripting Through JavaScript
  • Server Side Scripting through VBScript
  • Advanced Web Technologies – Java Beans, JDBC, CORBA, RMI
  • Server-side Scripting through ASP.NET
  • Server-side Scripting through CGI
  • Server-side Scripting through PHP and XML
  • Server-side Scripting through ADO.Net
  • Server-side Scripting through VB.Net
  • Ecommerce and Internet Security



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