Modern Software Engineering

Rajiv Chopra

ISBN: 9789389520538

642 pages

INR 625


Modern Software Engineering weaves in some crucial, engaging and challenging aspects. These aspects are of interest to the software developer who is at the helm of many vital developments being made in the arena of software engineering. It is the art of software engineering that matters. Due to exponential rise in the number of the Internet users, the present-day web applications, their deployment, their functionality and their complexity have also multiplied. The contents of this book have interwoven their designs. The book includes several examples and case studies.


  • System analysis
  • Software metrics
  • Software estimations
  • Software process models
  • Requirements analysis
  • Structured analysis
  • Software design
  • Coding/construction
  • Software testing-I
  • Software testing-II
  • Debugging
  • SCM
  • SQA
  • Object oriented analysis (OOA)
  • GUI design
  • Web engineering



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