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Probability & Random Processes For Engineers

J. Ravichandran

ISBN: 9789389520026

312 pages

INR 455


"Probability and Random Processes for Engineers" is recommended as a textbook for the courses related to Probability and Random Processes for engineering students at both graduate and post-graduate levels. The book contains nine chapters that are well organized and presented in order as the contents progress from one topic in one chapter to another topic in the proceeding chapters. In addition, there are appendixes that help in knowing some of the derivations for the results used in the text.  Clearly, the book is user friendly, as it explains the concepts with suitable examples and graphical representations before solving problems.


  • An overview of random variables and probability distributions
  • Introduction to random processes
  • Stationarity of random processes
  • Autocorrelation and its properties
  • Binomial and poisson processes
  • Normal process (gaussian process)
  • Spectrum estimation: ergodicity
  • Power spectrum: power spectral density functions
  • Markov process and markov chain