Java: Core Concepts and Applications

Trilochan Tarai

ISBN: 9789389520590

408 pages

INR 505


Developing application software plays a crucial role in an enterprise and thus knowledge of programming language has become more essential. This book offers a comprehensive study package of the core concepts of Java Programming, with real-world examples from the industry, varieties of concepts like Marker Interface, Serialization, Externalization, Multithreading, Collection Framework etc., making it well-suited for OCJP/SCJP programs. Special coverage of utilities as (a) internet programming concepts, (b) benefits of executing Java programs, (c) advantages of updating new features, (d) ways of increased user performance, (e) security features and enhancements, and (f) improved developer productivity.

  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Java
  • First step towards Java Programming
  • Operators
  • Control Structures
  • Array
  • String
  • Class
  • Inheritance
  • Interface
  • Package
  • Exception Handling
  • Multithreading
  • Collection Framework
  • Networking in Java
  • Introduction to Graphics Programming
  • Applet
  • J2SE New Features
  • Design Pattern in Java
  • JDBC
  • The OCPJP FAQ & Answers
  • Index


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