Automata Theory, Languages of Machines and Computability

Shivam Saxena

ISBN: 9789389520934

328 pages

INR 375


The book is all about the automata, formal language theory and computability. Automata theory plays important roles in compilers, text processing, programming languages, hardware designs and artificial intelligence and is the core base of computer science studies. The intent is to make automata theory interesting and challenging and break the myth of being a tough topic. For that matter, topics are covered in an easy to understand manner with the help of elaborative and well descripted examples.

  • Introduction to Theory of Computation
  • Finite Automata
  • Finite Automata as Transducers
  • Regular Expressions and Regular Grammar
  • Context Free Grammars
  • Normal Forms of Context Free Grammars
  • Pushdown Automata
  • Turing Machines
  • Hierarchy of Formal Languages and Automata
  • Introduction to Undecidability
  • Recursive Function Theory
  • Computational Complexity and Its Classes
  • Solution to Exercises
  • Index



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