Fundamentals of Computer Networks

I. Chandra Mohan

ISBN: 9789389447514

280 pages

INR 395


The main goal of bringing out this book is to make available to the students a book that contains the subject matter that they need to know. All the concepts are explained in a simple and lucid style and in a compact way. This book begins with an introduction to computer networks, and then necessary aspects of signals are presented. Then all the layers of the OSI and TCP reference models are well explained in depth with necessary diagrams. Other important aspects like “Network Security, WWW, Multimedia, Data Compression”, are also covered.


  • Abbreviations
  • Basics of Computer Networks
  • Signals and The Physical Layer
  • The Data Link Layer
  • The Medium Access Sub-Layer
  • The Network Layer
  • Congestion Control Algorithms and Internetworking
  • The Transport Layer
  • The Upper OSI Layers



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