Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

K. Viyyanna Rao, G. Naga Raju

ISBN: 9789389633245

584 pages

INR 625


The present volume covers a wide spectrum of issues from Governance to Ethics. What contributes to the survival of a business is its sincerity to the society. Keeping this as the core of the discussion, the book covers the topics including governance practices in India and abroad, the role of board of directors, independent directors, audit committees and auditors. The book also contains discussion on the role of SEBI, stock exchanges and the Government of India. An analysis of the provisions incorporated in the Companies Act, 2013 is unique. Another major part of discussion pertains to the precepts and practice of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’.

  1. Ethics: Concept and Sources
  2. Values
  3. Business Ethics
  4. Functional Areas of Business and Ethics
  5. Corporate Governance Abroad
  6. Corporate Governance in India-An Overview
  7. SEBI’s First Committee on Corporate Governance[Shri Kumar Mangalam Birla Committee]
  8. SEBI’s Second Committee on Corporate Governance[Shri NR Narayana Murthy Committee]
  9. CII’s Task Force on Corporate Governances[Naresh Chandra Committee]
  10. Clause-49 of Listing Agreement of BSE
  11. Role of Board of Directors
  12. Role of Independent Directors
  13. Role of Audit Committee
  14. Role of Auditor under the Companies Act, 2013
  15. Role of Securities and Exchange Board of India [SEBI]
  16. Corporate Governance Rating Methodologies
  17. Reporting Practices of Companies on Corporate Governance- Survey of Annual Reports
  18. Corporate Social Responsibility – Meaning and Scopes
  19. Corporate Social Responsibility in Today’s Business Context
  20. Towards an Ethical and Sustainable Organisation


Case Study 1: The Case of ‘Santhara’ – Is it Salvation or Suicide?

Case Study 2: Dadri Incident: It is an Outrage against Freedom of Food?

Case Study 3: Rigging of Diesel Emission Tests by Volkswagen-A Breach of Trust

Case Study 4: Payment of Bribes by Walmart in India

Case Study 5: Coca Cola and the Water Exploitation – Is the Company Drinking the World Dry?

Case Study 6: Corporate Lobbying – Is it Ethical or Unethical?

Case Study 7: Clinical Trials by Pharmaceutical Companies – Are Human beings used as Guineapigs?

Case Study 8: Labour Trouble at Maruti Suzuki’s Car Plant in India: Who is at Fault?

Case Study 9: The Deposits Issue of Sahara – Can it be termed contagious to the Indian Financial System?

Case Study 10: The Gas Dispute between ONGC and Reliance – Is it a Case of Theft?



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