Information Systems Management

Seema Shokeen, Pooja Singh, Suman Mann

ISBN: 9789389583069

360 pages

INR 395


This book majorly focuses on the management of the information systems and also analyses the relationship among the people, information, information systems and the business houses. The key elements of the book comprise the roles, risks, challenges and the impact of information systems on the decision-making process of the managers. It also discusses the contemporary applications of the information systems, enterprise planning, customer relationship management, supply chain management and other related topics. It also deals with the interpersonal relationship of customers, managers, partners and suppliers.

Unit – I- Introduction

  1. Introduction

Unit – II – System Development

  1. System Development
  2. System Development Life Cycle and Models
  3. System Analysis and Design
  4. System Design

Unit – III – Information Concepts.

  1. Data and Information

Unit – IV – Information Technology

  1. Information Technology
  2. Decision of Appropriate Information Technology for Management Information System

Unit – V - Information Systems and Computer Networks

  1. Choice of Appropriate IT Systems in Management Information System Information System
  2. Information System
  3. Computer Network and Internet

Unit – VI – Introduction to Database Systems

  1. Introduction to Database Management System
  2. Entity Relationship Model
  3. Relational Data Model
  4. Querying Databases using SQL Commands  





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