Tensors: Concepts and Applications with Scilab Programs

Namrata Dewan Soni

ISBN: 9789389633207

280 pages

INR 395


This all-inclusive text introduces undergraduate students to the basics of linear vector spaces, tensor analysis especially, Cartesian and general tensors. The aim of this book is to specifically explain the fundamentals of tensors and their applications to mechanics, and elasticity in a consistent manner. The contents of the book provide insights of all the major topics of the tensors analysis, viz., transformations of coordinates, Einstein summation convention, Quotient law, isotropic tensor, moment of inertia tensor, metric tensor and Minkowski space.

  • Introduction
  • Cartesian Tensors
  • General Tensors
  • Linear Vector Spaces
  • Matrices
  • Scilab Codes
  • Index


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