Fundamentals of Environmental Biology

Meetu Gupta

ISBN: 9789389583052

240 pages

INR 395


Fundamentals of Environmental Biology has been conceived to bring different aspects of environmental biology under one head. The purpose of this book is to fill the gap between basic books of ecology or environmental science and advanced environmental biotechnology in an appropriate manner. Divided in two parts, the book contains fourteen chapters. First part deals with the topics related with ecology and environmental sciences and second part deals with environmental biotechnology aspects.

Part I  Ecology and environmental science

  1. Ecosystem: structure and function                      
  2. Population and community ecology
  3. Soil dynamics
  4. System concepts in ecology
  5. Statistical ecology
  6. Environmental act and rule


Part II Environmental biotechnology

  1. Environmental pollution and monitoring
  2. Sewage treatment
  3. Bioremediation
  4. Biofuels
  5. Molecular ecology
  6. Green technology
  7. Biodiversity
  8. Case studies


List of practical work and fieldwork


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